Business Panel Discussion

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Both panel discussions are definitely going to be highly interesting to listen to! Interesting issues and challenges about talent and society are going to be actively discussed. Ideas and perspectives might even lead to useful suggestions! Do not hesitate to join the panel discussion with burning questions, interaction is highly encouraged!


Frank Belschak
Associate Professor HRM & Organizational Behavior at University of Amsterdam

"The Netherlands can be characterized as a knowledge economy; most of our economic production is knowledge-intensive and service-based. Human capital is therefore crucial for companies. Even in times of economic crisis, there will always be a “war for talent” as people are the most important asset of companies in the knowledge economy. From an educational perspective, students should not focus their studies too narrowly as companies nowadays need broadly skilled employees who can flexibly react to different situations. Finally, the war for talent is a global war. Dutch students have to compete with foreign students who are often well-educated and highly ambitious."

AdJan Brouwer
Executive Partner - Accenture Management Consulting

Mr. Brouwer is an Executive Partner in Accenture’s Dutch practice. He is responsible for the Talent & Organization Performance practice in the Netherlands. Next to his Dutch responsibility he also oversees Accenture’s HR Transformation activities in Europe and Latin America (EALA). He supports large international organizations on their talent and HR challenges, strategic as well as operational. In his role he helps organizations to articulate their human capital strategy, how to attract, deploy, develop and retain what talent, and how to organize HR to support these ambitions. He works cross industries as well as supports public organizations in this field.

Rob Sanders
Manager Recruitment Communications - AkzoNobel

The medium term strategic ambitions of AkzoNobel is a well balanced combination of financial, market and sustainable growth objectives. Key to achieving our goals are, of course, our people: their talents are crucial to the success of the company. For example their talents to see what is good for our customers today is not necessarily good enough for them tomorrow. Or their talents to ask the unasked question. And their talents to identify and act upon the opportunities others have failed to see. This benefits our customers because we sustain their future competitiveness and meet the consumer's unspoken needs. Within this inspiring environment I am engaged in the development of AkzoNobels employer brand.

Willem E.A.J. Scheepers
Investors in People practitioner and Virtual Business Consultant

"You are a talent. If you didn’t know that by now, when this day is over you know! Because you are a unique talent you have to cherish it, nurture it and constantly develop it. You are a talent in the real world but even more so in the virtual world. Out there you are a real brand, a personal brand. It is critical for your career that you position your talent-brand as uniquely as possible. To maintain that brand you have to invest in yourself. Invest in the way your soon to be employer(s) will continuously do, so we (your customers) can profit."