Hi there!

We are List Sefa, the one and only student party of the Economics and Business Faculty. We fight for you as the student of Economics and Business, driven by an unmatched passion for making a change for the better at the UvA! Our slogan “New solutions, real results” matches with what we strive to make – tangible and positive changes to your student life! Your needs are our top priority, and we must ensure that your voice is heard in the way the UvA is managed.

Our vision is that we all should be studying in a high quality educational environment. This goal can be only achieved when you can develop yourself and participate in a highly interactive and dynamic atmosphere, which shapes the best version of ourselves. We want you to have the feeling that you are being heard of the issues that you face and the solutions that you propose.As part of our vision, we particularly focus on five pillars which enable you to reach your goals, since we stand for consistency, satisfaction, transparency, democracy, equality and internalization.

Nevertheless, more important is that we’re here to make an actual change to your student life. List Sefa aims for real results in times when the issues which students face continue to prevail!

Vote now, for new solutions, real results. Vote List Sefa!

Our party program

List Sefa stands for, among other things:
– A more favorable examination environment for students, e.g. lowering the grading times of exams
– A greater variety and quality of canteen food currently being offered
– A better integration of international students by e.g. providing free language courses for international students
In the following section, you can find our complete party programme.

The Academic Life

  • We invite the Faculty of Economics and Business to enhance the skills, knowledge, coordination, and communication of tutorials/seminars and their teacher.
    • Setting up more standards for the selection of teachers, to eliminate the deviations between tutorials/seminar
    • Providing more supervision and evaluation to help tutorial/seminar teachers further develop their academic skills
    • Improve consistency between tutorial/seminar teachers so the classes are similar to each other
  • We desire a more favorable exam environment for students.
    • Reducing the grading time of exams
    • Reducing the errors made during the grading process of exams
    • Better organization of exams, especially with regards to starting on time and the allowance of toilet visits
    • Increasing the opportunity to study for exams by for example posting more past papers on Blackboard
    • Allowing the higher grade to be considered for GPA if a student took both the final exam and the resit
    • Reconsidering the current grading system of multiple choice-questions, specifically the error correction
    • Improving consistency between the exam regulations
  • We would like the Faculty of Economics and Business to communicate more elaborately on the matter of the Bachelor Split, especially information on the possibilities to retake a course.
  • We call upon less dependence of the final grade on group work projects.
  • We encourage programme coordinators of each course to not force us to buy new books for mandatory homework assignments.
  • We would appreciate if the Faculty of Economics and Business to do more regarding the recording of the lectures.
  • We encourage improving the studying facilities, especially during the exam week.
    • Opening more buildings and/or rooms during the period before exams,
    • Avoiding Blackboard maintenance sessions in the period before exams,
    • Enhancing cooperation with the HvA so students can study at both HvA and UvA with access to Wi-Fi,
    • Increasing the number of power sockets to charge computers and smartphones, or providing coils
  • We invite the Faculty of Economics and Business to coordinate thesis supervisors in such way that they are consistent with each other.

The Extracurricular and Student Life

  • Firstly for the extracurricular life, we have considered the concerns of the International students related to their integration into the Dutch society and the strong desire to acquire new Dutch language Skills for free. Thus, we strongly encourage the Faculty of Economics and Business to join the efforts of Faculty Student Council (FSR) from next year, to design a Free Dutch Language program.
  • The program should be free of charge or for a small annual fee
  • The program should be designed for highly motivated International Student
  • The FEB should take into consideration the possibility for the Municipality(Gemeente) to conduct part of its Dutch language courses, on FEB’s campus. Thus students have better and easier access to courses
  • List Sefa strives to jointly improve the preparation efforts currently undertaken by either party at
the Faculty of Economics and Business, to better prepare both international and local students for their working career.
  • List Sefa invites the Faculty of Economics and Business to enrich the current university environment/ dynamics by facilitating a better mixture of Dutch and international students among specific courses.
  • List Sefa invites the Faculty of Economics and Business to review the current cafeteria characteristics and more specifically address the following identified issues:
  • Optimising the price of provided food, the quality of the food and their intertwined relationship
  • Optimising the provided food variety at the canteen
  • Better facilitating and coordinating the particular needs of their students regarding food choice, quality and availability
  • List Sefa invites the Faculty of Business and Economics to provide more guidance for international students.
  • Provide more thorough and personalised guidance on the topic of scholarships
  • Enlarging the pool of translated documentation on a wide variety of aspects 

  • Thoroughly reviewing their current communications standards on their website, on blackboard and with teachers in coordination with students 

  • Overall aiming to enhance the accessibility of the complete faculty (staff) and their documentation
  • List Sefa invites the Faculty of Business and Economics to provide more guidance for students on the following wide-range issues.
  • The lack of student available housing opportunities in Amsterdam and their specific particulars/ implications related to international students


List Sefa is one of the two parties at the Faculty of Economics & Business competing for places in the faculty student council (FSR). During elections in May eight students will be chosen to represent the students of the faculty as a member of the FSR during the academic year 2017-2018.

Faculty Student Council

The faculty student council (FSR) is a governing body of the faculty representing the students. It consists of eight students who all have a specific portfolio.The FSR gives their advice on affairs that occur on faculty level and have a say in decisions that are made. For example audiovisual facilities, catering and course evaluations are things we discuss during meetings and meetings with the board. For some subjects the board is legally obligated to consult the faculty student council. Most importantly though, the Faculty Student Council is there to help students with the problems they come across within the faculty.