List Sefa


List Sefa is one of the two parties at the Faculty of Economics & Business competing for places in the faculty student council (FSR). This party is the party from Study Association Sefa. During elections in May eight students will be chosen to represent the students of the faculty as a member of the FSR during the academic year 2017-2018.

Faculty Student Council

The faculty student council (FSR) is a governing body of the faculty representing the students. It consists of eight students who all have a specific portfolio. The FSR gives their advice on affairs that occur on faculty level and have a say in decisions that are made. For example audiovisual facilities, catering and course evaluations are things we discuss during meetings and meetings with the board. For some subjects the board is legally obligated to consult the faculty student council. Most importantly though, the Faculty Student Council is there to help students with the problems they come across within the faculty. For more information about the FSR please visit this site.

In February Sefa will be recruiting for this committee. You will write a party programme, and together you will make sure that List Sefa will win the election!