Alumni network

The Sefa alumni network is the community of former active members of Sefa. The Sefa alumni network connects former active members of Sefa with each other and with present active members to initiate business opportunities for both alumni and Sefa. Furthermore, the alumni network creates and maintains close ties on a social level. All former active members of Sefa who have not been active in a committee for at least one year are considered Sefa alumni. The Sefa alumni committee is responsible for maintaining the Sefa alumni network and organising the alumni events.

Stay updated

To keep updated about the alumni activities you can join the groups on Linkedin and Facebook (‘Sefa Alumni’) or keep an eye on this webpage. If you would like to be on the Sefa alumni mailing list, please send an email to


If your organisation wants to get in touch with the Sefa alumni or wants to discuss any other (business) opportunities within the Sefa alumni network, please send an email to

Upcoming events

Friday 23th of June 2017 Sefa alumni event

Friday 3th of March 2017  Sefa alumni event


Previous events


Alumni dinner and beer tasting at Brouwerij de Prael
20th of November 2015

Active members & alumni New Year’s drink at Cafe ‘t Pleidooi
15th of January 2016

Sefa Alumni Beerpong Championships at Cafe de Heffer
15th of April 2016


Alumni dinner and pub quiz at Dante
16th of January 2015

Active members & alumni drink: Stock Exchange Simulation at Café de Heffer
11th of April 2015

Alumni boat event and drink at Kriterion
10th of July 2015


Alumni dinner and pubquiz at Wildschut
13th of December 2013

Active members & alumni drink at Amstelhaven
7th of February 2014

UvA-FEB, Kring Amsterdamse Economen & Sefa Alumni Event at the College Hotel
11th of April 2014


Alumni bowling and dinner at Knijn
6th of April 2013

Alumni New Year’s drink at Cafe Thijssen
25th of January 2013

Alumni drink at Café Hesp
19th of October 2012


Alumni boat trip through the canals and dinner
April 2012 

Alumni december drink at Café Kale de Grote
16th of December 2011  
First event organised by the Sefa Alumni Committee, replacing the alumni board ‘Tempo Doeloe’.