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Do you want more information about one of our committees? Click on the ‘Plan a meeting’-button on the right and schedule a coffee meeting with the HR Officer of the Sefa Board! Once you filled in the contact form, the HR Officer will contact you by e-mail as soon as possible to schedule the coffee meeting.

Become an active member!

All of our yearly activities are organised by our active members, a group of around 300 students of which you can also be a part! Organising one of our activities by joining a committee is a great experience. You are going to work in a team of motivated and ambitious fellow students, practicing things you will never learn in class or during courses.

Bronze, silver or golden committees

Our committees are divided into three levels: bronze, silver or gold.

  • Bronze committees are perfect for your first committee experience and take about five hours per week.
  • Silver committees are more challenging, cost on average eight hours per week and are suitable for students with some previous work or committee experience.
  • Golden committees present the top level of committees that will take twelve to sixteen hours per week. These committees are a good fit with students that have previous committee experience.

Interested in becoming an active member?

If you are interested in becoming an active member, contact Daphne Sweers by sending an e-mail to or walk by our office in the E-building, room 0.02. Regardless of the application period, we are always pleased to have a chat about your committee preferences and ambitions!


You get the opportunity to develop your social, organisational and professional skills. You will work together with your fellow committee members and organise ambitious and challenging events. Besides that, we provide exclusive trainings and you will receive personal guidance.

2Participating in a committee is the perfect way to gain practical experience on top of the theoretical foundation that is provided by the university. This relevant practical experience gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other students and provides you with a head start at the beginning of your future career. You will be working in a professional and challenging environment and get connected to recruiters from top companies as we have over 250 company contacts.


Being part of one of our committees means that you can join social events specifically organised for active members such as New Year’s Dinner, Active Members Weekends, Wintersports, Gala and many more events during the year.