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The Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen offers students the ultimate opportunity to get to know great companies through presentations, case sessions, workshops, individual meetings, lunches, high wines and dinner meetings with specific companies. It all takes place in a professional, yet interactive environment.

The number of participating companies and students has grown vastly over the past few years. It is a great opportunity to get to know interesting companies and potential future employers. In the previous edition more than 2100 unique students, of which many are master or recently graduated students, subscribed for participation in the ACD. However, all students are allowed to join he ACD including first year students. Please visit the website of the ACD for more information.

Program 2017

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Participating companies ACD 2017


The Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen were first organised in 1995 by Sefa. In 2002, the faculty association Aureus was asked to also be a part of the ACD in order to attract students from the VU. Today, the ACD is still organised by the faculty associations Sefa and Aureus and attracts not only university students from Amsterdam but from the whole of The Netherlands. Over the past years our event has grown to be one of the biggest graduate career events of the Netherlands. With 2100 applications last year, of which 80% were master students or recently graduated, the ACD formula has consistently been proven its success. The Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen had its 20th anniversary in 2015. This year we promise you the same optimal professionalism and quality as we have offered in the past 20 editions.

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