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Room for Discussion: Deconstructing Voting Behaviour: Didier Eribon

Didier Eribon is a renowned French author and philosopher and Professor of Sociology at the University of Amiens. He is well known for his biography of Michel Foucault, which has been praised as “the best biography of Foucault” by Le Monde. Further, he has written numerous other books such as Insult and the Making of the Gay Self. His latest work, Returning to Reims (which became a bestseller in Germany and has just been translated into Dutch) assesses how class and sexual identities are formed and the role of education and one’s social environment in this. Moreover, Eribon analyses the voting patterns of the working classes (from voting for Communist Parties to the Nationalist Parties, e.g. the Front National).
At Room for Discussion we will engage in a discussion about voting behaviour, populism and the future of the left.
More information will follow soon..