You reap what you sow, plus the subsidies

One of my oldest memories of my stays in Belgium was seeing a cucumber when I was about six years old. At one of my relatives’ place, I wanted to have cucumbers in the salad for dinner, so I asked my uncle who was going shopping to get a few cucumbers. He chuckled, “few you say!”

When he was back with the shopping bags, he took out just one cucumber. I mean, we have cucumbers in Turkey too, but they are about 10-12 centimeters at most. The one he brought was basically as long as my whole arm. I was just baffled, how do you have cucumbers this big!? I asked him how much it cost—it had to be a special cucumber after all, it ought to be expensive—and he said it was about fifty cents. It just blew my mind!

Evrim Öztamur

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