Room for Discussion

Room for Discussion is the interview platform of Study Association Sefa and the Faculty of Economics and Business that organises weekly interview sessions. Every week during lunchtime, professors, entrepreneurs, politicians, CEOs, journalists and other guest speakers will take their seat on our characteristic Chesterfields, ready to debate on interesting economic topics and actualities.

The Room for Discussion podium is situated in the central hall of the E-building at the Roeterseilandcomplex of the University of Amsterdam. The weekly interview sessions are open for everyone.


October 12th – 13:00 – Whistleblowers & Wikileaks – Sarah Harrison & Jacob Appelbaum
October 16th – 13:00 – Behavioural Economics – Dick Swaab & Donna Harris
November 3rd – 12:30 – Trade and Globalisation – Dani Rodrik
November 9th – 13:00 – Big Pharma – Marcel Levi
November 27th – 13:00 – President European Investment Bank – Werner Hoyer
November 30th – 13:00 – Zero Economic Growth – Enrico Perotti & Rick van der Ploeg

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