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Executive Board

The executive board consists of eight members that are recommended by the search committee and appointed by the GAM. Their tasks include organising the daily operations of Sefa, the organisation of the GAM, and safeguarding the future of Sefa.

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General Assembly of Members

The General Assembly of Members (GAM) is the supreme governing body of Sefa, and is organised in the General Meeting three times per year. The powers of the GAM include, among others, changing bylaws, and appointing executive board and supervisory board members. The GAM is composed of active members.

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board consists of a minimum of three members, but is not allowed to outnumber the executive board. Supervisory board members are appointed by the GAM. Their tasks include supervision and advisory to the executive board.

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Search Committee

The search committee consists of at least three people, of whom one must be a supervisory board, and one must be an executive board member. The search committee is appointed by the GAM. The task of the search committee is to search, screen and recommend new board members to the GAM.

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Cash Audit Committee

The cash audit committee consists of at least two people, whom are appointed by the GAM. Sefa aims to acquire cash audit committee members with at least one year of relevant work experience. Their task is to supervise the financial position of Sefa.

Board of Recommendation

The board of recommendation is represented by people from various influential positions, both from the public and private sector. Their goals include supporting Sefa with their strategy and recommend Sefa to organisations and companies.

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Member Council

The member council consists of three to four members appointed by the GAM. The member council represents the Sefa active members. The task of the member council is to keep in close contact with the active members and voice their opinions to the executive board during meetings as well as during the GAM.

Commercial Team

The commercial team consists of three members who are selected by the executive board. The members of the commercial team are responsible for managing and expanding the commercial network of Sefa.

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Four Pillars

Sefa’s activities are organised in four pillars. Academic activities strengthen students’ grip on academia. Career activities get them in touch with future employers. International activities broaden their horizon, while social activities enable them to meet fellow students.