GMAT Amsterdam and Sefa

The GMAT is a challenging test, designed to predict your future academic success in management education. If you’re required to take the test by your university, you should expect a challenge.
Sefa likes challenges, and helps you optimise your results, together with GMAT Amsterdam. If you’re a (standard/premium) Sefa member, you can expect substantial discounts on the various courses GMAT Amsterdam offers, as you can book courses for the partner price. GMAT Amsterdam offers different courses. Depending on your desired score, a combination of various verbal and quantitative courses is recommended.

Content of the courses

At the beginning of every session you will receive study materials, which are included in the price. The sessions will be given in small groups, which allows the experienced tutor to give the participants personal attention. During the courses there will be paid attention to the GMAT in general and to your time-management and GMAT strategy. They will also teach you every trick and all the shortcuts you need to answer the questions quickly and smartly.

Current courses

GMAT Amsterdam offers courses that differ in difficulty, length and approach, to make sure that
every student is helped in a way that fits his needs. to connect with your needs. Below you can find the different courses. By clicking on each link you can read more information.

  • Basic Math Course: Strongly recommended if you have a weaker quantitative background.
    During 2 sessions of 3 hours you will go through the basics of the math that you will need to
    know for the Quantitative course.
  • Quantitative Course: This course covers all the GMAT quantitative subjects. During 5 sessions of 4 hours, an experienced tutor will discuss the essential theory and guide you through the corresponding GMAT questions.
  • Verbal Course: Covers all the GMAT verbal subjects. During 4 sessions of 2,5 hours, an experienced tutor will explain the essential theory and you will practice with GMAT questions.
  • Bootcamp: During 4 days of 7 hours the focus will be on practicing questions in timed sets, after a brief theoretical explanation. This course is recommended when the theory is well-known to you, and if you are aiming for a higher score.
  • 1-on- 1 tutoring: These lessons are often used in combination with a course, so that general knowledge is acquired before focussing more specific issues.

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