Sefa organises additional lessons and exam preparations for students during their studies. In cooperation with Capita Selecta and Youtopia, tutorials are given in certain subjects that are experienced among students as being complicated. These tutorials provided by Capita Selecta and Youtopia are supporting classes that can be followed next to the regular courses given by the UvA.

One advantage of the tutorials provided is that they will be taught within small groups. This makes that a lot of time can be assigned toward personal attention and assistance. Besides, attention will be paid to preparation for the exam. Due to this design, the chance to pass the exam will be significantly higher.

(The tutorials are only in Dutch)

Currently available courses

Capita Selecta:

Bachelor 2:

  • Speltheorie
  • Speltheorie herkansing
  • Internationale Monetaire Betrekkingen (herkansing)

Bachelor 3:

  • Industrial Organisation (herkansing)
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy (herkansing)


Currently available courses


Bachelor 1:
  • Accounting (herkansing)
  • Financiering (herkansing)
  • Fiscale economie (herkansing)
  • Statistiek (herkansing)
  • Wiskunde (herkansing)


Quality is of great importance when it comes to the tutorials offered to students. In order to guarantee the quality of the tutorials, Sefa pays extra attention to the content of the course. The content of the tutorials will be synchronized with the course-manual and adapted when necessary.

Besides extra attention is payed to the evaluation of the tutorials. Students need to fill in an evaluation form by the end of the tutorial and tutors themselves need to evaluate their course as well. Also results that are achieved after the tutorials are taken into consideration. Sefa is aiming at the best results and will work on all parts that can be improved.